Our Process

1)  Position Description Intake Session: Conduct a comprehensive interview with all individuals involved in the hiring or management of the position to ascertain position responsibilities, background requirements, educational requirements, cultural fit, potential candidates that are currently on radar screen or wish list, background of potential candidates, employers of potential candidates, etc. Determine compensation criteria and range including bonus or commission program, fringe, employee and other benefits.


2)  Position Description Approval: If the company does not have a position description for the role(s) LSS will draft and submit a position description for approval and distribution. 

3)  Market Scan/Candidate Sourcing: Utilize our state-of-the-art comprehensive search tools to identify a large pool of passive (currently employed) prospects and provide listing to hiring authority for comment and approval. (Week 1) 

4) Candidate Screening: Initiate contact and pre-screen prospects, collect resumes for qualified candidates, conduct a series of phone interviews to validate background and resume qualifications and assess cultural fit and position suitability. (Weeks 2, 3, 4) 

5)  Candidate Submission: Deliver a small pool of highly-qualified, pre-screened and vetted candidates for hiring authority consideration including resume,analysis of individual capabilities and off-resume characteristics and impressions. 

6)  Phone Interviews: Prepare and schedule selected candidates for phone interviews with the appropriate hiring authorities. 

7)  Debrief Phone Interview: Analysis of phone interview from hiring authority and candidate perspectives.(Redirect market scan if necessary) 

8)  Face-to-Face Interviews: Schedule selected candidates for face-to-face interviews. 

9)  Debrief Face-to-Face Interview: Analysis of Face-to-Face interview from hiring authority and candidate perspectives. 

10) Candidate Selection: Identify candidate for offer presentation. 

11) Reference Checks: Deliver referral letters and contact information for candidate approved references.  No unauthorized reference checks will be performed by the company unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon to preserve candidate confidentiality. 

12) Offer Letter: Approve and/or comment on offer letter for presentation. 

13) Offer Presentation: Present offer letter to selected candidate. 

14) Negotiations: Provide feedback and counter-offers if necessary.  

15) Offer Acceptance: Deliver signed offer letter to hiring authority.  Maintain communication with candidate to insure smooth transition from current employment status.